Are the party pills on your website safe?
The party pills as shown on this website are absolutely safe. They are well blended herbal combinations, so you need not worry about any side effects.

Do your party pills contain BZP?
Our party pills are free from BZP (Benzylpiperazine). Our products are 100% natural and composed of rich herbal ingredients. Our Party Pills are way better than other pep pills available in the market which are known to contain harmful ingredients.

Do your party pills interfere with alcohol?
Our party pills do not interfere with alcohol at all. You can pop your usual dosage up followed by a large shot of vodka, and the pills will actually complement your buzz.

Do I need professional guidance to use any of your products?
No, you don't need to consult any doctor or healthcare professional before consuming our products. They are 100% herbal products without any harsh chemicals or low quality ingredients.

I'm interested in buying Party Pills from your website, how can I purchase them?
Please select the quantity (in bottles / cartons) from the drop down menu corresponding to the product you wish to purchase, and click the Add/Send to Cart button. You may use your discount coupon no. if you've received one from any previous purchase with us. We accept all major credit cards.

Do you ship to my country?
We ship to all countries worldwide. These are non-BZP, herbal party pills, legal in every country.

What are the shipping services you use to deliver your products?
* Courier Express: delivery between 4 - 5 business days
* Airmail: delivery between 5 - 10 business days
The shipping cost varies upon the type of service selected.

How do you deliver your products?
We ship our products in discreet packaging via the option chosen at Check Out. All orders are shipped out within 24 hours of payment processing.

What is the status of my order?
For questions related to your order status, you may contact our customer support department.
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